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Ø Subpart A – General
65.1 Applicability

This Part Prescribes;

l Issuance or renewal

l The Privileges and Limitation

Ø 65.2 Definitions

Ø A basic certificate is equivalent to a licence without ratings and issued by the DG to persons who meet the age, knowledge, skill and experience

Ø A certificate of maintenance approval is equivalent to a licence, but the group or type rating may be limited in respect of validity and scope

Ø A licence is the document described in Annex 1

Ø A group rating is a rating covering a group of aircraft or components

Ø A type or rating is a rating for a specified individual aircraft or component

Ø A group or type rating, when added to a basic certificate, is a licence

Ø 65.3 Conformity with International Standards

l Conform to Minimum Standard of Annex 1

Ø 65.5 Licences and certificates

Ø A1, A2, A3, A4

Ø C1, C2, C4

Ø Airframes, Engines, Electrical, Instrument, Radio

Ø Certificate of Maintenance approval

Ø Type and group ratings listed in appendix A

Ø Aircraft and component ratings

Ø 65.7 Application for a licences, certificates and ratings

l Shall be made on form prescribe by DG.

l Shall include a “Statement of Experience“

l Hold a current licence or certificate issued by a foreign contracting state

Ø 65.9 Issue of licences, certificates and ratings

Ø The applicant is a fit and proper person

Ø Has sufficient ability in reading, writing and understanding the English language

Ø Not contrary to the interests of aviation of aviation safety

Ø Passed the air law examination and oral examination

Ø 65.11 Validity and renewal of licences and certificates

l Shall remain valid for period specified in the licence and such period shall not be exceed two years from the date of issue or previous renewal

l May be renewed for a further period not exceeding two years

l Within the immediately preceding 24 moths, has for periods totalling at least 6 month

Ø 65.13 Certificate of Competency

l For a basic examination shall be accompanied by a certificate of competency (STK) showing the ”Technical Skill” requirement

Ø 65.14 Licence and certificate document

Ø The DG shall issue a Licence which is specify :

l Licence Number.

l Rating’s Granted.

Ø 65.17 Examination: general

Ø General :

l Are given at TIMES, LOCATIONS and by PERSONS,designated by the DG.

l The minimum passing grade is 70%.

l Pass basic knowledge written, oral and practical examination (specified in appendix B)

l DG may issue a licence or certificate to person who pass the basic knowledge examination

l 65.19 Cheating or other unauthorized conduct

Ø No person may;

l Copy or Intentionally removed an exam paper.

l Give or receive from another person any part or copy of an exam paper.

l Give help to, or receive help from any person during period of exam.

l Take any part of an exam on behalf of another person

l Use any Unauthorised material or aid.

l Intentionally change, assist or participate in any act prohibited by this paragraph.

l Person who commits an act prohibited by paragraph above of this section is not eligible for any licence or rating’s for period of one year after the date of the act prohibited,

l the commission of that act,is a basis for suspending or Revoking.

Ø 65.21 Re-examination after failure

Application for re-examination

l Not less than 30 days after the date applicant failed the examination,


l Before 30 days have expired if :

* The applicant present a sign statement from the person has given the applicant additional Instruction in each of the subject failed and applicant is considered ready for examination.

Ø 65.23 Falsification documents

Ø No person may make or cause to be made;

Ø Any Fraudulent or intentionally false statement on any application.

Ø Any Fraudulent or intentionally false entry in any record and report.

Ø Any reproduction for fraudulent purposes.

Ø Any alteration of any licence or rating.

Ø The commission of this paragraph is a basis for suspending or Revoking.

Ø 65.25 Change of address

Ø The holder of AME Licence shall :

Notify the DG of any change to a permanent mailing address :

l In writing.


l Within 30 days.

l 65.27 Suspension or cancellation

Ø Upon the Suspension or Cancellation of a Licence, the holder shall return the licence document to the appropriate office of the DG.

Ø 65.29 Medical Fitness

LAME SHALL NOT Exercise the privileges of their license IF, they know suspect that their physical or mental condition renders them unfit to exercise such privileges.

Ø 65.31Display of License

l Each person who holds a license SHALL KEEP it within the immediate area where he normally exercises the privileges of the license and

l SHALL present it for inspection upon requested.

Ø SUBPART B – AME licence
65.41 Eligibility Requirements

l A basic certificate may be issued who is not less than 19 years of age and meets the applicable requirements.

l A licence may be issued to a person who is not less than 21 years age, pass the written and oral examination, has met the experience requirements, able to write, speak, and understand either Indonesia or English to read and understand Technical English as used in Maintenance Manual

Ø 65.43 Issuance and Extension of licence

l The DG may grant a licence to an applicant who meets the requirements of this part.

l The DG may subsequently “Extend the Privileges” by endorsing in it additional rating for such extension.

Ø 65.45 Recognition of foreign licences

l The DG Will, upon application issue an Indonesian AME licence to the holder of a valid AME Licence (or Equivalent) issued by an ICAO Contracting state provided the applicant :

* Complies with the requirements of this part (valid)

* Passes an examination on Indonesian aviation Regulations

l Such aircraft are on the Indonesian Register

* 65.47 Privileges

Ø Perform or supervise the maintenance of an aircraft or component

Ø Release an aircraft or component to service after maintenance has been performed

Ø Shall not exercise the privileges if not hold a type or group, if not familiar with all the relevant information, if not valid

Ø SUBPART C – Licence rating
65.51 Applicability

Ø Prescribes the regulations governing group ratings and type ratings

Ø Licence category

Ø Licence and rating with such limitations

Ø Privileges and limitation of a licence

Ø 65.53 Eligibility requirements

Ø Hold a current AME

Ø Completed at least 6 months experience

Ø Submit a schedule of experience (STE)

Ø Successfully completed examination or course of training under part 147, manufacturer and approved by contracting state

Ø 65.55 Privileges

Ø A group rating authorizes the holder of an AME licence to exercise the privileges of that licence on any aircraft or component falling whithin the definition of the applicable group in appendix A

Ø Subject to the requirements of part 145, a type rating authorizes the holder of an AME licence to exercise the privileges of that licence on the type of aircraft or component specified on that rating

Ø SUBPART D – Certificate of maintenance approval
65.61 Applicability

Ø This subpart prescribes regulation governing the issue of certificate of maintenance approval and the privileges and limitation of that certificate

Ø 65.63 Eligibility requirements

Ø Shall be not less than 21 years of age

Ø Have practical experience acceptable by the DG

Ø Successfully completed a course of training

Ø Pass air law and airworthiness requirement examination

Ø 65.65 Privileges

Ø A certificate of maintenance approval specifies the privilege that the certificate holder may exercise

Ø May authorize any person who is a licence holder to perform and certify for release to service, any aircraft type for which that person does not have the practical experience required by subpart C, or

Ø May authorize any person who is not the holder of licence, but is a workshop engineer who satisfies the DG that he/she is competent, to performer supervise

Ø Appendix A- Group and ratings

Ø Groups;

l Airframes

l Engines

l Electrical

l Radio

Ø Types;

l Airframes

l Engines

l Electrical

l Instruments

l Radio

l Components

Ø Appendix B – Examination syllabus

Ø Air law and airworthiness requirements

Ø Natural science and aircraft general knowledge

Ø Aircraft engineering

Ø Aircraft maintenance

Ø Human performance and limitations

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